“May the Lord give you increase more and more, you and your children.” – Psalm 115:14

Welcome to Gold Note Financial.

We are an investment planning and consulting firm set up to aid individuals and companies with their portfolio design decisions. Portfolio analysis and monitoring is key to the financial success of any business and certainly vitally important to the financial future and well being of individuals and their extended families. Gold Note Financial draws from diverse, conservative and reliable sources in order to help our clients to reach their financial goals. 

Gold Note Financial is a division of Gold Note Music, Inc., an entertainment and marketing company. Founder and CEO, Carol Duboc, has spent thirty years in the entertainment business as a label owner, artist, and producer. She has simultaneously helped to manage stock, bond and intellectual property portfolios that have routinely matched or outperformed the markets through two recessions (2001-2018.) She has developed a niche helping investors monetize intellectual property holdings as a key component of stable portfolios. While Gold Note Financial does not take responsibility for the decisions of our clients, our reputation is our business card. If you don’t benefit from our suggestions, you won’t hire us or refer us again, so continuing to match or outperform the market is a vital part of our business plan. Thankfully, we have God-given talent, experience and a track record to give our clients the confidence they need to engage us, listen, act, and most importantly have financial patience!

Please feel free to email info@GoldNoteFinancial.com if you are interested in a free 20 minute analysis.